Support Independent Natural Health Research as the Basis for Preventing Diseases

Through the use of natural health preventive approaches, mankind now has the opportunity to significantly reduce the incidence of today’s most common diseases. Such diseases include heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and many infectious diseases. The ‘liberation from diseases’ is heavily opposed by the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical investment industry that thrives on their continuation. Achieving this liberation requires a clear focus on prevention. Over the past decades it has become clear that the rapidly advancing field of micronutrient research provides the driving force and basis for setting up a truly effective system of preventive healthcare.

More than 20 years of independence

For more than two decades, the Dr. Rath Research Institute has pioneered science-based natural health approaches that focus on the benefits of micronutrients. This ground-breaking research is documented on our institute’s website, as well as on public health libraries such as PubMed. Our discoveries and research have enabled a significant global decrease in the reduction of heart attacks, as well as the recognition of vitamins in the battle against cancer. Most recently, we became one of the few voices of reason in the global effort to control the coronavirus pandemic.

Support research in natural health

Thus far, our research has been supported by people who have been helped by the micronutrient programs developed at our institute. To significantly expand this research – and accelerate the ‘liberation from diseases’ – we are opening up a new way to support this life-saving research. To help us reach a world in which natural health approaches prevent millions of deaths every year, we invite you to support our work by making a donation.