I am a 35-year-old medical professional. One and one-half years ago, due to severe distress in my professional and personal lives, I suddenly experienced bouts of supraventricular tachycardia (fast heartbeat), which forced me into the emergency room every two months over a six-month period. My average heart rate would be 230 beats per minute. This condition was life threatening, and after my third episode, I was referred to the chief of cardiology at the largest hospital in town. After a thorough evaluation, it was conc/uded that I was not suffering from 11anxiety1 11 but a primary electrical problem with my heart and the supraventricular tachy­cardia could occur anytime.
Therefore, he recommended a surgical procedure called cardiac ablation. This procedure involved the insertion of catheters into my subclavian and femoral arteries, threading them to the sinus and atrioventricular nodal regions of the heart. A DC current would cauterize certain regions of the heart theorized to be the cause of this aberrant electrical circuit. Although this procedure was defi­nitely indicated, I was too weakened from my recent bout with tachycardia to consider immediate surgery. I, therefore, resolved to improve my health by strengthening myself nutritionally with vita­mins, minerals and herbal and homeopathie formulas.
My research led me to your cardiovascular health program. Your formulation was specific to my health needs, and it saved me much time considering I would have purchased many bottles of isolated ingredients that are all found in your program. Therefore, I embarked on a religious program of supplementation of the essential nutrients you recommended. lt has been one and one­half years since my last episode. I have increased energy and lit­tle to no chest pain. J look and feel much better. I attribute my success and health to your program.