I am a 35-year-old medical professional. One and one-half years ago, due to severe distress in my professional and personal lives, I suddenly experienced bouts of supraventricular tachycardia (fast heartbeat), which forced me into the emergency room every two months over a six-month period. My average heart rate would be 230 beats per minute. This condition was life threatening, and after my third episode, I was referred to the chief of cardiology at the largest hospital in town. After a thorough evaluation, it was conc/uded that I was not suffering from 11anxiety1 11 but a primary electrical problem with my heart and the supraventricular tachy­cardia could occur anytime.
Therefore, he recommended a surgical procedure called cardiac ablation. This procedure involved the insertion of catheters into my subclavian and femoral arteries, threading them to the sinus and atrioventricular nodal regions of the heart. A DC current would cauterize certain regions of the heart theorized to be the cause of this aberrant electrical circuit. Although this procedure was defi­nitely indicated, I was too weakened from my recent bout with tachycardia to consider immediate surgery. I, therefore, resolved to improve my health by strengthening myself nutritionally with vita­mins, minerals and herbal and homeopathie formulas.
My research led me to your cardiovascular health program. Your formulation was specific to my health needs, and it saved me much time considering I would have purchased many bottles of isolated ingredients that are all found in your program. Therefore, I embarked on a religious program of supplementation of the essential nutrients you recommended. lt has been one and one­half years since my last episode. I have increased energy and lit­tle to no chest pain. J look and feel much better. I attribute my success and health to your program.


Thank you for developing your essential nutrient program, which I am currently fo/lowing. Several years ago, I was diagnosed as having Hyperkinetic Heart Syndrome. / took medication for a few years, but did not like how I feit – too slowed down and not able to respond quickly to physical exertion.

During times of great stress, I would have pounding, irregular, and racing heartbeats at nighttime when I was trying to fall
as/eep. Also, when confronted with a stressful encounter during the day, my heart would immediately jump into a racing, pound­ing episode. I heard your lecture in May, and I immediately read two of your books.

A week later, I began fol/owing your cardiovascular vitamin rec­ommendations and within a few days, I was no Jonger experienc­ing pounding, irregular, and racing heartbeats at bedtime. Within a week, I noticed that when confronted with a stressful encounter during the day, my heart did not jump info a racing and pounding episode.
I have taken vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements for sev­eral years, but have never had this amazing result before now! Thank you so very much!


How delightful when, after following your cardiovascular health program for just 2 months, one notices the absence of irregular heartbeats and the freedom to b.reathe freely. Confidence is restored as one has increased vigor and endurance. In a word, one spends less time thinking about the heart and more time enjoying life. Your cardiovascular nutrient program has become the answer for resolving coronary problems. I am happy to have this opportunity of expressing my gratitude for your advanced medica/ research and for your cardiovascular health program.


I am 54 years of age and have had a very irregular heartbeat for at least 20 years. This was diagnosed as second-degree electrical heart block. I have never taken any medication for this. I have had a stress test done approximately every 2 years and the heart block showed up on the EKC. I was told that as long as my heartbeat was regular when I exercised, I did not need any other treatment. In June, I even went back to the doctor where I had my last EKC done so there would be a basis for comparison. The doctor found that there was no longe, any arrhythmia. I have enclosed a copy of his report. I am sure that your cardiovascular vitamin program is responsible for the correction of my irregular heartbeat, as I had not changed my lifestyle in any other respect.


I am excited to teil you of my experience. I am a 60-year-old female who has fought hypertension for the past 20 years with many different types of medications, which would work for a whi/e, then become ineffective and start giving me problems. In November of 19931 new symptoms began for which I was referred to a cardiologist who determined I was welf on my way to a pacemaker. He decided not to treat this aggressively, but instead, through medication. I have avoided surgery. In February of this year, / began experiencing pro/onged bouts of tachycardia and was prescribed new, additional medication. In March, I was introduced to your cardiovascular vitamin pro­gram. Although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try. l’ve Just started my third month on your nutrient program, and I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medication by one-third. The episodes of tachycardia have decreased dramatically, both in intensity and duration. lf an episode occurs, it is almost insignifi­cant. At the same time, I have a/so noted a dramatic effect in that my ank/es are no Jonger swel/ing at the end of a workday. Following my last lab work, my doctor told me, 11Your numbers look like someone half your age. 11 Needless to say, I am a staunch believer in your vitamin program.


In February, I introduced my 74-year-old grandmother to your cardiovascular vitamin program. Her slow and irregular heartbeat had led her doctor to begin preliminary preparations to insta// a pacemaker. After about three weeks on your program, her heart action was sufficiently improved to cause the doctor to postpone this proce­dure. This lady is now a faithful follower of your cardiovascular health program and, although she faces other medica/ challenges, her heart condition continues to improve and the use of a pace­maker is no langer being considered.


Two months ago, I was experiencing /oud heartbeats, tachycar­dia and irregular beating of my heart. I saw my doctor who promptly put me on an anti-arrhythmic drug. I can honestly say the medication did me absolutely no good.
Then, I started to follow your vitamin program. What a smart deci­sion that was! Within a few days, the tachycardia stopped and rve not experienced any /oud or irregular heartbeats. /t’s like a miracle. lt must be the combination of nutrients in your program because I had been taking coenzyme Q-10 separately from my regular vitamins. I tel/ everyone I know about the benefits of your program. Because of your research, l’m able to continue working.