Micronutrients and Blood Pressure

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Facts about high blood pressure

About 100 million people in Europe suffer from high blood pressure conditions, also known as hypertension. The epidemic spread of this disease owes much to the fact that, until now, the causes of high blood pressure have not been fully understood.


Conventional medicine concedes that in most patients the cause of high blood pressure is unknown. A special ‘diagnosis’ is even being used to mask that fact. For millions of patients the term ‘essential hypertension’ suggests a precise diagnosis — in reality it is the code within the medical profession for ‘we don’t know.’

Thus, conventional pharmaceutical-oriented medicine is essentially limited to treating the symptoms of this disease. So-called ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors, betablockers, diuretics and other high blood pressure medications can artificially lower the blood pressure. These drugs address symptoms without correcting the root cause of the problem.


Modern scientific understanding provides logical answers: the primary cause of hypertension is a deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients in the small muscle cells (smooth muscle cells) building up the artery walls regulating the tension of the blood vessel wall and, thereby, the blood pressure.

  • Increasing relaxing factors

Among other functions, these cells are responsible for producing ‘relaxing factors‘ (nitric oxide), which decrease vascular wall tension and keep the blood pressure in normal range. Thus, increasing the production of these relaxing factors is an important target for preventing high blood pressure.

  • Decreasing constriction factors

Another key regulator of artery wall tension is angiotensin. The active hormone angiotensin II contributes to the regulation of our body fluids. Its overproduction leads to a constriction of the artery walls and to elevated blood pressure.

The angiotensinconverting enzyme (ACE) converts the inactive angiotensin I hormone into the active hormone that constricts the blood vessel wall and increases blood pressure. Lowering the activity of ACE is therefore desirable to normalize high blood pressure. The Dr. Rath Research Institute investigated a composition of vitamins and other micronutrients for their efficacy to affect both of these mechanisms. Based on the research results obtained with this micronutrient composition, the Patent Office allowed the following statements to be made in connection with high blood pressure conditions:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
Green tea extract
Grape extract
Clove extract
Celery seed extract

Micronutrient combinations can help improve key mechanisms of high blood pressure

  1. The micronutrient combination has the ability to increase the production of relaxing factors (NO) in the smooth muscle cells of human arteries in a dose-dependent manner. At higher concentrations, the NO production is more than doubled compared to controls.

2. The micronutrient combination has the ability to decrease the activity of ACE, thereby functioning as a natural ACE inhibitor, contributing to the decrease of elevated blood pressure.

Excerpts of patent claims:

  • ‘A high blood pressure reducing micronutrient composition.’
  • This micronutrient composition can be administered ‘to relax a smooth muscle cell for lowering high blood pressure.’

Nobel Prize‐winner‐supported research paves the way to preventive health care

The Dr. Rath Research Institute is a world leader in science-based natural health. Three decades ago, Dr. Matthias Rath – together with two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling (†1994) – was already publishing groundbreaking discoveries on the importance of vitamins in fighting cardiovascular diseases. Over the ensuing decades, the Institute’s research team, under the leadership of Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, has extended this lifesaving research to comprise natural prevention of cancer, diabetes, viral and bacterial infections and many other diseases. The approval of this preventive health research by patent offices around the world provides the scientific basis for effective preventive health strategies globally. Patients, therapists, governments and, above all, millions of people now have effective, safe, natural health approaches available to help to prevent widespread diseases.

The Dr. Rath organization operates under a nonprofit roof and all profits are used to promote further independent research and education in natural health. This page provides health research established in connection with natural disease prevention. For patients, we recommend to see a therapist or trained consultant to determine your individual health needs.

‘Science‐based natural health is the basis of modern, preventive health care. The time to build it is now!’

Dr. Matthias Rath

What this patent means

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What is the difference from a pharmaceutical drug patent?

Pharmaceutical investment business Natural health community
Target markets Disease management Disease prevention
Purpose of patents Legal tools to secure
return on investment
for your health
Cementing continuation
of diseases as
global markets
Disease prevention
and potential
Consequences for
national economies
health care costs
Less diseases = lower
health care costs