Dr Rath Research Institute research has confirmed new insight into the development of cardiovascular disease, the causes of cancer and other common diseases.
The Dr Rath Research Institute, currently led by a long-time collaborator of Dr Rath, Dr Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, PhD, has become a world leader in natural health science and the pioneer in developing micronutrient-based synergistic health approaches.
The Dr Rath Research Institute, founded in 1999, has become a pioneer in research on micronutrients, particularly their regulatory function in cell metabolism – hence the name “Cellular Medicine”. A large number of scientific publications document the scope and importance of our research. All publications can be found on the institute’s website or on PubMed, the world’s largest online medical library.
Our institute’s research increasingly confirms the superiority of cellular medicine over conventional approaches:
– In the field of cardiovascular disease, it has been shown that the main cause of arteriosclerosis is a weakened vessel wall due to chronic micronutrient deficiency. This finding challenges the prevailing cholesterol hypothesis.
– In cancer research, trials on more than 50 different cancer cell lines have shown that a specific combination of micronutrients can inhibit cancer cell proliferation.
– In the field of infectious diseases, specific combinations of micronutrients have been shown to be more effective in inhibiting Borrelia-type bacteria (Lyme disease) than antibiotics.
In all these studies, the selection and testing of micronutrients played a special role, highlighting in particular the principle of synergy – a mutually reinforcing interaction of individual components. This principle is reflected in the results of numerous test series and scientific studies.
The Dr Rath Research Institute continues the pioneering work of Dr Matthias Rath and Dr Linus Pauling in the field of natural, science-based preventive health based on vitamins and other micronutrients.
The scientific findings of Cellular Medicine research also provide an essential basis for the development of high-quality and effective health products available as part of the Dr Rath Cellular Nutrient Programme.
The Dr Rath organisation is a non-profit company/foundation. Therefore, all profits from the sale of Dr Rath formulas are used exclusively to fund scientific research at our institute. In this way, every customer who buys a product from our company simultaneously promotes further natural health research.