Free Access to Natural Health Must Become a Human Right!

Micronutrients are the only scientifically proven way for universal prevention. It should be a human right to get sufficient knowledge on this important aspect of global health. Support this petition to help us!

Micronutrients – essential for life

The life-maintaining role of vitamins and other micronutrients is documented in every textbook of biology and biochemistry. The health benefits of vitamins to humanity have been recognized by nine Nobel Prizes and are documented in more than one hundred thousand research studies accessible to everyone through online science libraries. Vitamins and other micronutrients play essential roles in the metabolism of body cells and are indispensable for cellular energy supply, catalyzing biological reactions, antioxidant protection, strengthening connective tissue, and other essential processes of life.

More and more diseases are recognized as being triggered or aggravated by a long-term suboptimal micronutrient intake. Vitamins and other micronutrients have been shown to help optimize cellular metabolism in cardiovascular disease, cancer, immune defense, and many other health conditions.

In contrast to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs that generally try to intervene once diseases have already developed, micronutrients exert their benefits as regulators of cellular metabolism and, thereby, constitute the biological foundation of disease prevention. The global implementation of micronutrients as the basis for prevention-oriented, national and global health policies will lead to a significant reduction in today’s most common diseases.

In an attempt to protect the pharmaceutical investment business with patented drugs, its stakeholders have embarked on a worldwide campaign to outlaw free access to vitamins and other micronutrients. Trying to justify their actions, they claim to want to protect consumers from the allegedly harmful side effects of these safe natural substances. Considering the fact that every year tens of thousands of people die from the known side-effects of patented prescription drugs, but essentially none from taking micronutrients, this argument disqualifies itself and exposes these efforts as protectionist measures. The consequences of allowing special interests to restrict free access to science-based natural health approaches would continue to expose the lives of millions of people to diseases that could be prevented.

In the energy sector of society, renewable technologies are gradually ending mankind’s dependency on fossil fuel resources. In a similar way, in the health sector, the implementation of science-based natural approaches into public health policies will shift the global focus of health care from intervention to prevention – thereby significantly reducing the incidence of human diseases as well as their unacceptable costs.

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